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We were thrilled to be visited recently by Christine Hayes and are delighted that she included Ollie’s yummy Croquettes with Oxtail Mayo in the BBC Good Food’s excellent ‘What We’re Eating’ weekly food diary 🙂

“With their oozy filling and crunchy breaded coating, it’s no surprise that Spanish-style croquettes are common on restaurant menus, with variations on the filling ranging from classic Spanish ham & cheese to spinach and even beef shin. But despite the delicious golden appearance of the cheese croquettes at new restaurant The Jones Family Kitchen in Belgravia, London, it was the dipping sauce they were served with that piqued our interest – oxtail mayo. ‘Traditional Spanish croquettes often have ham inside, but I wanted to make a meaty dip instead and keep the croquettes simple,’ says executive chef Oliver Pollard. ‘We already make delicious slow-cooked oxtail to top our signature chuck burger, and I realised the remaining sauce would make a banging base to a luscious mayonnaise. It pairs perfectly with the cheese croquettes, as the deep umami flavour of the slow-braised oxtail adds extra richness.’”