Croquet in Eccleston Yards

Our Croquet Lawn here in Eccleston Yards is now open to play 🙂
The cost is £5 per group for 30 mins. All money raised will go to support he excellent work done by the brilliant St Andrew’s Club

Sessions can be booked via email at
It will be open from 11am until late every day until Sunday, 2nd Sept.
(On Sundays mallets and balls are with 50m in Eccleston Yards

St Andrew’s Club provide a ‘neutral’ environment to help local young people thrive and give back to society through varied youth programmes including sport, art and practical skills. It’s the world’s oldest youth club and has been making a huge contribution locally for over 150 years.

Bring a few friends for some croquet and some Champagne Pommery Pop while giving a helping hand to the excellent folk at St Andrew’s Club 🙂



Rose Wine Dinner at The Jones Family Kitchen

We’re hosting a special rosé wine dinner on Friday, 31st August with our talented friends at DrinkUp.London.

It will be a showcase of four different rosé wines and cocktails chosen by our bar team and the DrinkUp.London team pared with a special three course dinner created by our chefs.

Tickets and more details are available on DrinkUp.London Rosé Dinner


paradise now cocktails

This September, Eccleston Yards will be hosting Paradise Now, a unique and pioneering experience that promises to supercharge visitors in 30 minutes. Running from 7-15 September, Paradise Now will be a free urban outdoor spa that will offer guests an engaging journey inspired by the very latest wellness trends.

Developed by multi-sensory visionaries Bompas & Parr, Paradise Now will bring to life wellness concepts such as biohacking, Nootropics, Rehydration technology, urban nature bathing and touchscreen chromo-therapy. The installation will feature:
• A monumental pink mist waterfall at the centre of Eccleston Yards’ courtyard enriched with natural, energising minerals and extracts of raspberry leaf, aloe vera, chamomile and citrus. Here, guests will bathe in the mist of this fountain of nature;
• Haptic dunes – an immersive meditation zone where guests can sit and absorb nutrients from the surrounding dunes of vitamin-infused, aromatherapy-scented pebbles coloured in Baker-Miller pink – a colour scientifically proven to relax and reduce anxiety;
• A perpetual sunset – a large-scale infrared light installation shaped like the sun, which will exude a warming glow. Infrared light therapy is used to boost endorphins and metabolism, relieve depression and stimulate vitamin D production. The sunset will be surrounded by screens streaming live sunsets from stunning locations across the world; and
• Electrolyte Aqua bar – which will feature water collection columns infused with water properties from the seven continents, where various geological layers will collect and transform London’s rainwater into nutrient-rich filtered water. The bar will also offer a selection of designer waters, water infusions and water-based cocktails served by Water Sommeliers who will host tastings.

Our team have been working on two cocktails inspired by Paradise Now which will be available exclusively for the Pop Up.

The Rakish Gent The Jones Family Kitchen Steak MacAndCheese Cocktails

We were delighted to welcome the fabulous The Rakish Gent recently and we’re thrilled he enjoyed his dinner with us commenting: “Where Jones Family Kitchen excels is when it creates twists on classics. Much of the menu works on this basis so you are invited to taste favourites in new and exciting ways. For example, the octopus starter is cooked with cider and served with a refreshing lentil & herb salad. For mains, we highly recommend steak; grass-fed Longhorn cattle, dry-aged for at least 28 days by renowned Yorkshire farmer & butcher, The Ginger Pig. Instead of fries, opt for the absolutely delicious truffle macaroni and cheese, which is surprisingly light and provides the perfect balance to the meat. More welcome surprises come with the desert menu – the sweetness of the sticky toffee pudding is offset by white miso ice-cream and there is not much more that we want on a summer night than a scoop of salted caramel sorbet. There is also a pretty comprehensive gluten free menu, which is a considerate and intelligent, modern thought.”

Seee their full review at The Rakish Gent