Gide to steak and other beef cuts

We’re passionate about meat, particularly steak, at The Jones Family Kitchen and The Jones Family Project. With both our restaurants recently voted in the Top 10 steak restaurants in London we’ve learnt quite a bit about what makes great steak. I believe that there is nothing better than a beautifully prepared and cooked piece of […]

This year Belgravia in Bloom runs from 20th – 25th May. We love this fabulous floral festival which coincides with the Royal Horticultural Society’s Chelsea Flower Show. From Motcomb Street, through Eccleston Yards and Elizabeth Street, to Pimlico Road, the streets around Belgravia are decked with vibrant floral installations. As well as a special installation […]

We thought we knew a fair amount about whisky before we started hosting The Blend by Chivas but we’ve learnt a huge amount more about this very popular spirit.  Not only is it the most popular spirit in more countries worldwide than any other, but closer to home there are currently more than 20 million […]

English Longhorn at The Ginger Pig

Steak can taste very different according to the breed of cattle it comes from and how it is reared. Our steak here at The Jones Family Project is from team at The Ginger Pig. This has been a very deliberate choice. We believe that the naturally fed traditional Longhorn cattle they rear and the way […]

We and Flying Fish who supply our fish are deeply concerned about the levels of Sea Bass currently in UK waters. Like Cod, which was under threat but happily has now returned to sustainable levels, Sea Bass is a long-lived and slow growing species of fish. Capable of living up 30 years the male Sea […]

Sirloin Steak The Ginger Pig

If you like your steak to be full of flavour, moist and juicy, it’s worth learning about different types of fat that you see in and around a steak. The most important of which is the intramuscular fat known as marbling. Steak with good levels of marbling running though it will not only keep moist […]

Duncan and I have always believed in having an extensive and varied list of wines by the glass. It not only allows guests who do not wish to drink a carafe of bottle the option of a single glass but also allows guests to play with different pairings throughout their meal and explore wines that […]

Without wanting to run the risk of sounding like some sort of lush I have to admit to loving wine, cocktails and the two combined. For many years Kir Royals, Sangrias, Spritzs and Belini have been popular but I believe we’re about to see a new resurgence and greater choice in wine based cocktails. At […]

It’s well known that we’re a meat led restaurant and our Josper chefs love cooking the fabulous steaks we receive from The Ginger Pig. What’s perhaps less well known is our commitment to sustainable fish and fishing. One of the treats of working in hospitality is the diverse and fabulous producers we meet. Across all […]

Jones Family Kitchen - Eccleston Yards

The Grosvenor Estate has been hard at work regenerating and transforming historic Eccleston Yards into a stunning pedestrian only courtyard to relax and enjoy 🙂 We’re very excited to be joining Barry’s Bootcamp, Central Working, Eccleston Place, SMUK,  Re:Mind, 50M and Tailor Made London in our new adventures there 🙂 – Barry’s Bootcamp – the fourth London studio […]