Why we’re excited to be partnering with the Flying Fish Team

It’s well known that we’re a meat led restaurant and our Josper chefs love cooking the fabulous steaks we receive from The Ginger Pig. What’s perhaps less well known is our commitment to sustainable fish and fishing. One of the treats of working in hospitality is the diverse and fabulous producers we meet. Across all the products we use, we’re lucky and very happy to be working with so many suppliers who are passionate about what they produce and have ensured that their products are top notch. Oliver Pollard, who joined us as our Executive Chef, recently has introduced us to the fabulous team at The Flying Fish and we’re delighted.

We may not always have your favourite fish or shell fish on our menu on the day you visit but judging by the fish we’ve already sampled we’ll have some very tasty seasonal West Country produce. Each morning Oliver or one of his team will be called by the Flying Fish team for an update on that morning’s catch and will order our fish delivery according to what’s in season and available.

During a visit to The Flying Fish before our opening, Oliver was both reassured and impressed by their commitment to sustainability. Fish and other seafood is only bought from day boats run by responsible fishermen and have their sustainability policies regularly checked. They’ll never be involved in selling fish which has been targeted at a crucial breeding time and all their fishermen take care in the size of net they use to eliminate the unintended catch of younger juvenile fish.


We firmly believe that the seasonality of Flying Fish’s approach is not only good for our fish stocks and ensuring that our children and our children’s children have fabulous fish but also delivers the best tasting fish and shell fish. We’re looking forward to incredible St Austell Bay deep water mussels after the summer months…

Photos: Dawn in Newlyn Harbour and Day Boats in Newlyn Harbour by Oliver Pollard