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Luke and Alejandro were interviewed about The Jones Family Kitchen earlier this month for the May edition of the excellent Harpers Wine & Spirit Magazine.

“For those who haven’t visited the Jones Family Project in east London’s hipster heartlands, it is perhaps best described as a thoroughly modern eatery, hitting all the right buttons and buzzwords, sharing a passion for well-sourced produce and drinks, in a relaxed and flexible environment that mixes up intimacy with a laid-back vibe.

“On the drinks front, along with the well-curated cocktail, spirit and beer listings, the wine list also stands out, both for the value of the deliberately low mark-up wines featured, and the structure and presentation. This list, rather originally, can be read from both sides. Enter from one side and the wines are arranged by region. Flip the same list over and what greets you is the same collection of wines but arranged by style.

“It’s a neat innovation, designed to engage both more knowledgeable customers who are more adept at threading their way through a traditional regional layout, along with those who might find it easier to make a choice based on variety and style. Either way as head wine honcho Alejandro McIntre-Vera points out, this usually acts as a great conversation opening, breaking the vinous ice and helping the wine-savvy staff engage with customers over wines

“So far so very Shoreditch. But the team behind the restaurant are about to open a second venue in Belgravia……”

Full article can be read on Harpers Wine & Spirit Magazine web site.