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Croquet in Eccleston Yards

Our Croquet Lawn here in Eccleston Yards is now open to play 🙂
The cost is £5 per group for 30 mins. All money raised will go to support he excellent work done by the brilliant St Andrew’s Club

Sessions can be booked via email at bookbelgravia@jonesfamilykitchen.co.uk
It will be open from 11am until late every day until Sunday, 2nd Sept.
(On Sundays mallets and balls are with 50m in Eccleston Yards info@50-m.com

St Andrew’s Club provide a ‘neutral’ environment to help local young people thrive and give back to society through varied youth programmes including sport, art and practical skills. It’s the world’s oldest youth club and has been making a huge contribution locally for over 150 years.

Bring a few friends for some croquet and some Champagne Pommery Pop while giving a helping hand to the excellent folk at St Andrew’s Club 🙂