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We and Flying Fish who supply our fish are deeply concerned about the levels of Sea Bass currently in UK waters. Like Cod, which was under threat but happily has now returned to sustainable levels, Sea Bass is a long-lived and slow growing species of fish. Capable of living up 30 years the male Sea Bass matures between 3-6 years old and female at 5-8 years of age. Since the 1970s they’ve been fished commercially at a rate which has been putting Wild Sea Bass into danger. Thus you will not be seeing Wild Sea Bass on our menu.

However, the good news is that it’s currently about to be the best season to catch Turbot. In spring and early Summer Turbot come into shallower water and become easier for shore anglers and Day Boats to catch. Turbot are very similar looking to brill but have an almost completely circular body and rougher skin. Though excellent Turbot can be found throughout the UK, one of its favourite habitats is the South West where our wonderful supplier Flying Fish is based.

I’m already been working on some tasty recipes for this delicious firm white fish.

Photo of Dawn in Newlyn Harbour by Oliver Pollard